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So, now that it’s legal, where can I smoke?

It’s legal now! It’s finally completely legal to use cannabis in California, but what does that MEAN? Does that mean there will be people lighting up as they walk down the streets? Are there going to be people smoking everywhere?  Which may leave you wondering-

Where can I smoke?nugs

How much can I buy?

Can I travel with it?

What’s going to happen now?

Honestly, nothing new other then you can no longer get “caught” with it. Which is pretty amazing. I know my mom never thought she would see it happen. Yet here we are.

Keep in mind Medical Marijuana has been for over a decade now. What can you expect? You can now go into an Adult Use Dispensary and purchase pot, CBD, edibles, and other various cannabis goodies. It’s like having a grown-up candy store with real candies too.

The law is that you can purchase and possess flower(bud, weed, pot, or nugs) from a licensed Adult Use dispensary with only a valid Driver’s License. You do not have to be from California to purchase, and you can buy with an Out-of-State DL.

Medical patients are required to be 18+yr old and may purchase up to 8 ounces (a half pound) of flower and 8oz of concentrates.

Adult Use patients are required to be 21+yrs old and may purchase up to 1oz of flower and 8g of concentrates Vape Cartridges DO count as concentrates.

You can not smoke anywhere that you can not drink. So, not in your car, not walking down the street or any other public place. YES, people can smoke cigarettes in places you can’t. Currently, you can only smoke on private property like in your home.

Traveling within the state is legal. Taking it across state lines is not, whether you fly or drive. You are not Pablo Escobar, so don’t go getting all crazy.

It is lovely that it is legal in California now. The fight is not over until it is legal on a federal level. Many States are still illegal states, and people are struggling to get treatment. So, enjoy yourselves and stay safe!!!

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