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King Fuzzies on a Sunday

Today this lazy roller is puffin a King Fuzzies. Fuzzies are LIVE Joints that are infused with CO2 w94576_Sublime_Mini-Fuzzies-Super-Silver-Haze-Sativa_5ax, kief, and terps. Bam, what, yup?

I like to call them party joints because you can hit it and send it out to the party knowing it will never return and you’re still stoned.

Fuzzies are made by SublimeCo2 who we’ve been getting to know all month. They in Super Silver Haze for the Sativa Diva and OG Kush for the Indica Empress.

Bored with the average joint? Try Sublime King Fuzzies. These terpene-enhanced pre-rolls start with premium flower – infused with wax – and then are rolled in kief for a truly potent smoke. Are perfect for a Sunday Funday.94573_Sublime_Mini-Fuzzies-Super-Silver-Haze-Sativa_2

How are you celebrating your Sunday? Have you ever tried Fuzzies? If so which is your favorite? If not, do you want to try?

Remeber the win of the March Giveaway will receive a pack of mini fuzzies. All you have to do it follow The Bud Diva and add new members to the group to enter.

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