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ADHD and Cannabis

ehimetalor-unuabona-270319-unsplashADHD was the diagnoses for my first MMJ card in 1996. I have never taken prescription meds for ADD and I graduated 6mos early from school. I smoked all through High School and some of Middle School ( #sorrymom ) I was self-medicating for years before they “figured it out”.

I was 18yr old when they officially diagnosed me and when asked about traditional meds, I told them if I have been dealing with it for this long then chances are that I have it under control myself.

My mom drove me to Berkley (because at the time that was the only Dr. that would give me one). I have had my card ever since.
This past year the dr. and teachers wanted to diagnose my daughter with ADD and there is no way I am pumping her full of drugs. Note I am a medical assistant and in no way against traditional medicine but it is not always the best option or the first option.

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