BossBudDivaHello, I am Aisa a late 30s single mom. I love all things cannabis. I enjoy smoking it, edibles, tinctures, topicals, and straight CBDs. I am for all forms of cannabis. What I cannot stand is the stereotypes especially against women. The only one seen in media where if you smoke you must be a stupid stoner, an unproductive pothead, that you are late to everything, or you forget everything. That you are irresponsible, a bad parent, a lazy employee and complete loser. My goal is to change that image to the sophisticated stoner, the classy stoner the Bud Divas. I want to break the stigma.

I have been a part of the cannabis culture my whole life. My father is a Rasta from Jamaica, and my mother has Big Sur Culture roots that run deep.  Growing up around cannabis did not scare me as a child or turn me into a useless “stoner.” I have grown up with cannabis and never saw it as a bad thing.

Although my history with cannabis goes back, my medical journey didn’t start until my mid-twenties when I became pregnant. When I was four months pregnant with my daughter at a Thanksgiving dinner, I found a quarter size perfectly round bald spot on my scalp. Quickly after that, I started losing my hair in massive amounts. Perfect circular patches everywhere. Five months later, by the time my daughter was born I was almost completely bald, I had more bald spots than hair.

At that point, I had been to many doctors (dermatologist, internal medicine, endocrinologist,….) first being diagnosed with Alopecia, Then possible borderline Graves Disease, maybe Lupus….I just love it when they guess! One thing they could agree on was that it’s stress related HA. Since it started when I was pregnant, I could not take anything.

After my daughter was born, they started giving me “safe drugs” to take because I was breastfeeding. By this time I was completely bald and using a men’s razor to shave my head so my wigs would fit right. Going out in public became horrifying, friends would want to touch and talk about my “new” haircut (wig), and all I could think was don’t pull!!!!  At one point I had to let go of the wigs because how do you teach a baby not to pull hair?  I would not leave the house for weeks sometime to avoid to looks for people at the grocery store or target. People would look right through me, I would look back, and they wouldn’t notice because they were staring so hard. When they finally did notice they would look away quickly. Friends would approach me and say a variety of awkward things about how I should do more yoga or meditate it away. They meant well, but it’s not like if I could just meditate or yoga my hair back, I wouldn’t have!

Trust me I was trying it all. Every holistic and medical thing they suggested I tried. I wanted my hair back. I was seeing an internal medicine doctor that diagnosed me with Hyperthyroidism, an autoimmune disease, which means they have no idea what’s going on or how to treat it. But at least they know it’s the thyroid.  I had to get a blood test every three months, and the dosage of my medication kept having to be changed for my fluctuating thyroid. My hair would start to grow then fall out again it never got to be longer than a ¼ inch.

In 6 months, I gained 60 lbs, to which my doctor replied oops, we over treated you and kicked it into reverse meaning now I had hypothyroidism. I was told to just stop taking it, and see what happens. Beyond annoyed, frustrated and tired of the BS. When Natalie was two I had been to so many doctors including getting a scalp biopsy at Stanford Hospital, all just confirming my diagnosis but with no real solution just treatment options. I went to my Medi-Cann doctor to renew my prescription.

At this point, he knew what was going on, but I only see him once a year.  He had suggested that I go off everything for a while. He had been apart of a study at Stanford on Graves Disease and CBDs in Cannabis.  His thought process was since it started when I was pregnant, with all the extra hormones in my system,  the traditional doctors had been giving me medication after medication since the moment I gave birth that my body never honestly had a chance to reset. He even suggested I quit smoking cannabis for a while (yikes!!!). I took what he said to heart and stopped taking all other medications. After a few months, I even quit smoking for seven months. (So, no I am not addicted)

We started to treat my stress the source of all this from the inside out with CBD tinctures and CBD rich strains like AC/DC.   Cannabis helped and continues to help me reduce my stress levels, and now I have a full head of hair. Everyone’s body has different ways of dealing with stress, some people get hives, I start losing my hair, and the only thing that helps is cannabis. It helps with my anxiety, stress, ADHD, and my hyperthyroidism. I haven ‘t need prescription meds in years now, and every blood test comes back okay. My PC doctor knows and even says that I am doing much better now.

I do believe that cannabis has many uses for many people and many non-psychoactive options. On occasion, I will still lose hair, and it is a sign to me that I am too stressed and need to readjust. It has also allowed me to get off Prozac It allows me to be a better mother and human.

I would like NOT to BE JUDGED for my choice of treatment. I smoke for many reasons, but none of them are because I have to.  I love to get high, but I do not think it is for everyone.

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