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Menstrual cramps are just a part of being female; there isn’t a woman out there that has entirely escaped cramps. Women and cannabis have a long history together, and it starts with the moons. As far back as 2000 BC, women have used hemp seed tonics with saffron, mint, and beer during labor to ease the pain. In 1596, a Chinese medical text listed the use of cannabis flowers to alleviate symptoms during menstruation. The legendary Queen Victoria even famously used the herb for relief from painful cramping, and Victorian doctors were happy to prescribe. There are many different products for cramps on the market. One of my preferred ways is a topical. I experience massive back pain when on my period sometimes. Other times it is classic cramps that make me want to flip everyone off with a smile. When looking for a topical to help look for one with a high ratio of CDBs for the pain, {but don’t discredit THC.) THC is the active cannabinoid that is known for evaluating muscle spasms which is why you feel like you are going through a mini labor when cramping because of the hormones released during your cycle trigger muscle contractions in the uterus.


I like salves/balms for this more than an oil only because I can use them during the day and they don’t get on my clothes. Depending on how severe your cramps are you can even use a suppository, some women put it on the tip of a tampon, and others just insert directly(depends on your pain level).

PMS is apart of being female also, the calm before the storm is in complete reverse here. PMS has a range of side effects including headaches, muscle aches, mood swings, and even diarrhea. Cannabis can help with all of these symptoms. THC is known for its mood elevating properties which help with that ping pong feeling. Nothing like a nice hot bath with a CBD bath bomb and Snap to relieve the tension and stress of being female.gmMEGgBNQRiLgMgX8elM_foria-relief-product


I like to use edible during my period because the effect seems to last longer.

Whatever way you choose to get your menstrual pain relief is up to you. Just know that comfort is out there, whether topical, suppository, tincture or edible.
When Aunt Flow Calls Answer with Mother Nature, not today B not today.


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