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Bud Diva uses and recommends Petra Mints!

Petra Mints are a delicious micro dose mint that puts you in control. A precise blend of California grown cannabis, green tea matcha and eucalyptus oil, our refreshing Eucalyptus Petra is perfect for clearing the senses.  All Petra labors are sugar feee and contain the natural,plant derived sweetener xylitol.

At 2.5 Mg THC per mint, Petra gives you the ability to titrate your dose in precise increments. this accuracy allows you to integrate Petra more easily into your active lifestyle.

Valhalla Gummies



Valhalla gummies are delicious. These little bad boys could be dangerous because you will want to eat the whole bag. This weekend I got to try the CBD Tropical Flavor. This company offers and Indica, Sativa and a 2:1 CBD:THC. All 3 come in either Tangerine, Sour Watermelon and Tropical Twist. So, of course, I had to try all 3 flavors. (which I will be reviewing later this month)

The Tropical Twist 10mg CBD 5mg THC Gummy is a game changer. The 2:1 ratio is perfect for any time of day. They work on Pain, and anxiety
I feel like I am eating and Adult Gummy Vitamin that actually tastes good. Since CBDs are healthy and good for you doesn’t it count as a Daily vitamin??

Another great thing is that you can half them. They are little squares that can be cut in half to manage your dose if your # is 5mg instead of 10mg.

Valhalla Artisan products are creatively inspired and scientifically perfected. They aren’t too gummy or gooey at all. They have master the Cannabis infused Gummy.

They offer precise dosing and even distribution while regularly engaging third-party labs to independently certify potency and purity.(so you can count on consistency)

They use Kosher & organic ingredients, gluten-free, Fairtrade, and eco-friendly practices are just some of the steps taken to ensure what you’re putting into your body is not just the most delicious – but of the highest quality available

It was like going to yoga and then walking the beach, Super Calming. I felt utterly relaxed, extremely calm, at peace and pain-free without any of the psychoactive.

***When ingesting an edible it is important to keep in mind that it will take your body about 2 hours to feel the full effects.
Depending on a person’s metabolism you may start to feel some effects as early as 30 minutes but it will take about 2 hours for the full effec

ts to kick in.***


Legal Beverages

Canna Cocktails Anyone?

Tequila Canna Lemon Ginger

Legal beverages are lightly carbonated all-natural, made with no artificial flavors, sweeteners or preservatives. They are currently seeking Organic certification. They locally source our ingredients, whenever possible, and craft our recipes to blend naturally occurring benefits of fruits and herbs to create delicious and reliable experiences. Legal is the first and only cannabis-infused drinks that I actually like.cannasoda


They come in Cranberry CBD 1:1, Rainer Cherry Hybrid, Pomegranate Sativa and Lemon Ginger Indica, in 20mg or 100mg. Which is great because they cater to the low and high dose individual. You can measure out your desired dose with the medicine cup that comes with it.

Cocktail Ideas:

Lemon Ginger Indica Tequila Cocktails (My Favorite)

Cranberry CBD Champagne Cocktails was a big hit at Christmas at grandma’s house

Pomegranate Sativa Vodka Spritzer

Rainer Cherry

Enjoy with or without the Alcohol I love them either way

ReLax It’s Legal


Coffee & Cannabis

Ever feel like you need a little pick me up? Want to motivate high? How does a chocolate covered espresso bean sound?ave used cannabis-infused coffee for energy, focus, and creativity.

There is more than one way to use cannabis and coffee together. Chocolate covered espresso bean are a great way to give yourself a little bust.

Ever feel like you need a little pick me up? Want to motivate high?

KIVA Terra Bites are crafted from micro-roasted Tanzanian coffee beans and coated in Kiva Dark Chocolate. With 5MG of THC per bite, Terra offers dosing that is as convenient as it is delicious. The reclosable container makes it easy to enjoy a little now, and with 100mg THC in each tin, a little later, too.

terracoffeeThese beans are great for going on a hike, getting housework done or a mid-day pick me up. I like to use them hiking and that 4o’clock drain that hits me somedays.

Pop a bean and go for a hike nothing hard just get out and enjoy nature. It’s a great way to get a boost without the full cup of joe. One or two beans will do the trick. They are easy, convenient and a discreet way to dose throughout the day.

If you’ve never tried a coffee edible I would Highly suggest it. I get a boost without the jitters (I’m a bit sensitive to coffee #Idrinktea) Remeber, when you take an edible slow and steady wins the race

#munchiemonday #chocolatecoveredespressobeans 
***When ingesting an edible it is important to keep in mind that it will take your body about 2 hours to feel the full effects. Depending on a person metabolism you may start to feel some effects as early as 30 minutes but it will take about 2 hours for the full effects to kick in.

KiKoko Tea

Cannabis Infused Herbal Teakikoko

A whole new meaning to High Tea.

High Tea Anyone?🍵👠

Have you heard Oprah has featured a Cannabis-Infused Herbal Tea Company in O Magazine. Yup, that’s right Ms. Oprah Winfrey herself has come forward. KiKoko Tea is based out of The Bay Area and the founders are Badass Giving Women.

They donate 5% of Kikoko’s profits to non-profit organizations that provide awareness of, education about, and access to cannabis medicine for critically or chronically ill children.

Kikoko teas are organic and made with the finest ingredients. They have 4 different ones, Positivi-Tea:Boost The Joy, Sensuali-Tea: Passion+Play, Sympa-Tea:Pain+Anxiety, Tranquili-Tea: Seize the Zzzz




Kiva Terra Blueberries

Kiva Terra Blueberries have been my pocket pal all weekend. They are 5mg chocolate covered yum yum. I have blueberriesbeen popping these badboys like candy😉 #ihaveaveryhightolerance

One or two of these and I was able to avoid the back pain from carrying boxes upstairs at both places. Seriously there are stairs going up at both places. #legday #ineverworkoutbutwantedtouseatrendyhashtag My ass better look great after this.

Blueberries (Seriously no blue ball emoji🤔) are a great sources of antioxidants covered in weed infused chocolate 😋 are just wanted I needed to help reduce my stress during the overwhelming all in one day move.

They are also great for sleep.😴 What I love about these Blueberries is that at 5 mg a piece it’s really easy to use them at different dosage levels for different things.

I’m able to take 1 or 2 blueberries to just scave off the stress or anxiety during the day. I can pop an extra one or two blueberries when I’m moving heavy boxes to help avoid any back pain. Plus if I need more I can add a couple extra blueberries in the evening and have a nice knock out for the night. Now that’s a lot of milligrams in a lot of blueberries and one day for one person but like I said I’ve got a very high tolerance and everybody’s different.

I wouldn’t necessarily suggest doing all of that in one day my point is that one tin of blueberries you have the ability to use them in different dosage levels for different things because they’re so low dose.


However you choose to use then they are effective and delicious. I Highly recommend them #buddivaapproved

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