Dank Dinners

Screenshot_20181119-105707.pngBudDiva offers private Cannabis Dinner Party Hosting

Cannabis Dinners are all the rage in LA and SF areas. What is a Cannabis Dinner you may ask? At BudDiva we offer two options.

Cannabis Pairing Dinner:

This Dinner pairs cannabis strain with different courses. A cannabis connoisseur & chef will select specific strain to compliant each course. Every member of the dinner party will receive a pipe and lighter at their table setting. As the meal takes place the cannabis connoisseur will explain the unique properties of the strains, how and why they are paired with the individual courses.

Cannabis Infused Dinner:

This Dinner is for the experienced. A completely infused cannabis dinner. Almost, all courses will be infused with THC, some parts will be CBD rich to balance out the overall HIGH. A cannabis connoisseur and chef will explain how each course is infused, and the unique properties of the strains selected.

*It is recommended that members of the ALL cannabis dinner parties have prearranged transportation such as Uber or Lyft.

We assist with all arrangements needed to host a cannabis dinner party. Dinners are held in private homes and venues depending on the size.

All Cannabis Must be supplied by Host (We can arrange a dispensary visit to select strains to pair with dinner)

We also host monthly cannabis dinners. We rent out a private location and host pop-up Dinners with Cannabis. Sign Up for the email list.