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ADHD and Cannabis

ADHD was the diagnoses for my first MMJ card in 1996. I have never taken prescription meds for ADD and I graduated 6mos early from school. I smoked all through High School and some of Middle School ( #sorrymom ) I was self-medicating for years before they “figured it out”. I was 18yr old when they officially diagnosed me and when asked about traditional … Read More ADHD and Cannabis


Vallhalla Gummies Tangerine

Yummy, Yummy Gummy Valhalla Gummies produce a wonderfully accurate product when it comes to dosing. The gummies come in 10mg pieces, with 100mgs in the bag, which gives you 10 gummies. These delicious sativa gummies are perfect for a midday pick me up. Whenever I am in need of a second wind or a little lift, to get a little pip in your step … Read More Vallhalla Gummies Tangerine


King Fuzzies on a Sunday

Today this lazy roller is puffin a King Fuzzies. Fuzzies are LIVE Joints that are infused with CO2 wax, kief, and terps. Bam, what, yup? I like to call them¬†party joints because you can hit it and send it out to the party knowing it will never return and you’re still stoned. Fuzzies are made by SublimeCo2 who we’ve been getting to know all … Read More King Fuzzies on a Sunday

So, now that it’s legal, where can I smoke?

It’s legal now! It’s finally completely legal to use cannabis in California, but what does that MEAN? Does that mean there will be people lighting up as they walk down the streets? Are there going to be people smoking everywhere?¬† Which may leave you wondering- Where can I smoke? How much can I buy? Can I travel with it? What’s going to happen now? … Read More So, now that it’s legal, where can I smoke?