P2- Pure Xtracts

P2 cartridges are my favorite full gram cartridges. The oil is a nice golden honey. They have a clean smooth draw with full flavor, natural light terpenes that don’t over power the palate. The clear plastic tip is one of the best designs on the market. Their range of cartridge options is almost over whelming! It doesn’t matter what you are interested in Sativa, Hybrid or Indica they will have a strain for you. They have my personal favorite White Widow, along with other popular strains like Apple Jack, Northern Lights and even a Super Lemon Haze just to name a few. I love the way they even break it down to the feeling it will produce which helps take the guess work out of it when looking for a specific effect.

The battery is a classy white quick draw (no button) battery. The P2 symbol lights up at the bottom. P2 offers a great product at an even better price.


I can’t get enough. Glass tips, Better Hits and they definitely deliver cartridges that provide a smooth crisp draw. The round mouth piece was supremely comfortable its like taking a hit from a glass bong or pipe. It’s just a cleaner draw. Their cartridges have fabulous flavor that stays true to the original plant with no terpenes or solvents. For those who love the natural flower flavor with terps this is the cartridge for you. They have four strains Harlem (GDP Indica), Malibu (GSC- Indica Dominate ), Rio (Sour Diesel-Sativa Dominate), Tokyo (Green Goddess-Sativa). They even offer 2 CBD 20:1 cartridges, and one that is enhanced with 100mg of melatonin

The Speaker Battery fantastic, I fell in love with this battery the moment I received it. First it has the USB charger built in, yes built in, no more losing your battery. We all have lost more than one charger well not anymore. Not only that its square shape keeps it from rolling, talk about a smart feature. Its designed to look like a USB drive and can be discreetly attached to a set of keys or lanyard. The best part I didn’t charge it for a week straight out of the box, all most finished a full cartridge before having to charge it. I hear they are even working on an update that would allow it to hold a charge for longer. SublimeCo2 is really taking the vape battery game to a whole new level.

Absolute Xtracts

They are my favorite button battery on the market. You can change the tempture and you dont have to hold the button to draw. The best of both in one, this is definetly my go to battery. You are able to have full control of your settings and not have to hold the button down.



Heavy Hitters


I absolutely love these slick stylish pens. The come in full grams and 2.2 gram cartridges. The oil is truly solvent free, it’s refined five times which removes any and all possible unwanted properties. They have a variety of strains that range from the fruity strains that taste and smell like the flavors they are. They also have my favorite strain specifically which only have terps from the original flower so you get the taste and smell of that exact strain. Heavy Hitters has a cartridge for everyone! They have two types of batteries their button-less battery is for a more controlled dosing and the button battery is for a more controlled hit.

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